If you can't play, call your Team Rep by 12pm Sunday at the latest.
FAILURE of this calling rule will result in certain penalties from your team.  Penalties must be honoured.
A MUST-READ MESSAGE from the LRHL Executive.
ZERO TOLERANCE for any punches thrown, dangerous or cheap hits, and suspensions will apply.
AVOID CONTACT including the goaltenders.
LEAGUE JERSEYS are to be worn on Sunday nights ONLY.
BOOT HIGH shots only - no slappers.

Weekly Points
Week1Sr  Week1Jr Week2Sr  Week2Jr Week3Sr  Week3Jr Week4Sr  Week4Jr Week5Sr  Week5Jr Week6Sr  Week6Jr Week7Sr  Week7Jr Week8Sr  Week8Jr Week9Sr  Week9Jr Week10Sr  Week10Jr Week11Sr  Week11Jr Week12Sr  Week12Jr Week13Sr  Week13Jr Week14Sr  Week14Jr Week15Sr  Week15Jr Week16Sr  Week16Jr Week17Sr  Week17Jr Week18Sr  Week18Jr Week19Sr  Week19Jr Week20Sr  Week20Jr Week21Sr  Week21Jr Week22Sr  Week22Jr Week23Sr  Week23Jr Week24Sr  Week24Jr Week25Sr  Week25Jr Week26Sr  Week26Jr Week27Sr  Week27Jr Week28Sr  Week28Jr

Welcome to the LRHL for 2016-2017

Please read this important message from the LRHL Executive.  Also, read and understand the discipline policy.

Check out our league's new website at leaguelineup.com!  Thanks to our newest Executive and Webmaster Mike Modestino for putting this all together.

Among the many new features, there are interactive message boards to post comments and other lunacy.


This site will go down for the count on Aug. 8th.  It's been fun, now time for a refresh.

Mar. 27th - The 10-game round robin is done and the matchups are set for finals on Sunday.  The last week of playoffs saw some high drama ;-)

Mar. 8th - Stats and standings are updated through Mar 5th (week 8 of the playoffs).  Both divisions are too close to call yet.

Feb. 12th - Stats and standings are updated through Feb 5th (week 5 of the playoffs).  Gryphon Glass is undefeated in 5 games.  Junior is oh so close, with leader Made to Shade holding a one-point lead over four other teams.

Jan. 31st - Stats and standings are updated through Jan 29th (week 4 of the playoffs).  Gryphon Glass is still on top, undefeated in 4 games.  Junior is way closer, with leader Preferred Windows & Doors ahead of last place by just two points.

Jan. 22th - Stats and standings are updated through Jan 15th (week 2 of the playoffs), with the exception of Seniors week 1 (coming soon).

Dec. 17th - Stats and standings are updated through Dec 11th (week 13).

Dec. 10th - Stats and standings are updated through Dec 4th (week 12), with the exception of week 11 for Juniors.  All Junior stats will be updated very soon.

Oct. 29th - Stats and standings are updated through Oct 23rd (week 6).

Oct. 17th - Stats and standings are updated through Oct 2nd (week 4).

Sept. 29th - Stats and standings are updated through Sept 25th (week 3).

Sept. 27th - Stats and standings are updated through Sept 18th (week 2).

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SPARES  - Goalies 38+ and skaters 40+ in 2017 are eligible.  If you know a guy that you think would fit, then click this link to send an email with the prospect's name, age, contact # and rating guess (1-top to 3-average).

Rules of Play - The LRHL follows the rulebook of the Canadian Amateur Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) along with a few rules of our own.  Read the rules page under the League Information menu.  There are also links to the CARHA rulebook and to the LRHL constitution.

Sports Waiver - Everyone needs to sign and hand in this Waiver before stepping on the ice, spares too.  Team Reps have extras.  Also, provide your date of birth and email address on the back.

League Stuff - The LRHL Executive reserves the right to make player movements, but moves are rare.

Sunday nights are reserved for hockey - any other time feel free to get in touch with one of the Executive if there's something you'd like to discuss.

A word about stats... we are confident our timekeepers correctly record what is reported to them by the refs, and we are confident in our process of creating the stats pages.  Beyond that, we all have to live with any discrepancies between reality and what the gamesheets say... it's rec hockey.

Annual General Meeting - The Executive is new this year.  The playoff round robin is 10 weeks, a crossover week, then finals week.

Dressing Rooms - The online schedule shows the home team on the right.  The home team should take the dressing room and bench closest to the Zamboni doors.  Also, if there's a conflict of colours, the home team wears dark if they have them.

Team Sponsors - Please show your support for all of our sponsors by first considering the services they have to offer. And mention you play in the LRHL.  Check out our Sponsors page.

If you are 40+ and want to play full-time or spare, send an email to more info.

If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer and are experiencing trouble viewing/using this website, send us an email and let us know what the problem is.

Here's another good one.  Here's a video about the lockout.  And here's a reality check for all.  And here's a funny take on beer leagues.

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